#WebArc2015 Continues

A brief follow up on Web Archives 2015: Capture, Curate, Analyze organized by the University of Michigan. (Read here for my previous post on the Conference)

For all those interested in questions of ethics from the perspective of a Web Archivist, Nicholas Taylor’s  blog post titled the “Question of Ethics at Web Archives 2015” is an interesting read. After reading his post, I can only take a sigh of relief that my assessment of ethics dominating the discourse amongst the attendees was well-founded (Nicholas holds a similar view!).  Not to mention that his post briefly mentions about my views on the legality of social media archiving specifically in the context of Twitter, about which I presented at the Conference.

Nicholas’s post is a real eye-opener on some of the recurrent themes that ran through the Conference. Having missed few sessions, I was myself not aware of some of the discussions that took place. Hence, there could not have been a better timing.

I would not rant you with my endless commentary on how excellent his post is. Read and decide for yourself. I assure that you will not be disappointed. Happy Reading!

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