My Blog Post On India And The Special 301 Process

Last year when soliciting feedback on my blog,  my dear friend Pratik Sanwaria had asked me to cover the Special 301 Process. That time, I procrastinated his cogent suggestion even though the India – U.S IPR standoff is of immense interest to me.

With the release of the 2016 Global IP Index and the 2016 Special 301 Report due for release, I thought the time was ripe to dig my nose into these issues. Hence, when I was asked to start the ISGLP’s IPR blog, I readily chose to write on the Special 301 Process in the context of India. (For people interested in the Global IP Index, read my post here).

The blog post titled, ” India’s Tryst With the Special 301 Process : The Story Until Now and Future” can be read here. Due to technical constraints, currently there is neither a comments section nor social media icons to share the post via ISGLP’s blog. Thus, for wider dissemination and constructive feedback, kindly use this platform.

ISGLP logo

I’m also in the process of writing a paper critically analyzing India’s designation under the Report since it’s inception until 2016. Once published, I’ll share it.

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