Public Hearing : 2016 Special 301 Report

KEI had submitted an expanded testimony about which I was enlightened yesterday through Jamie Love’s blog post.  All the relevant points have already been highlighted in my previous post.

Some startling revelations have been made by KEI in the expanded testimony ( startling for until yesterday I was ignorant of these statistics) –

We have reviewed the submissions of PhRMA, BIO, BSA, IIPA and the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global IP Center, among others. One thing that jumps out at you is that the primary predictor of whether or not a country is targeted by industry is the size of its economy. In Northern Africa, South America and Asia, being big means being a target. We are attaching an excel spreadsheet (assuming we can upload it) that lists data on population, income (measured by GNI) by region. ● In South America, the seven largest economies were targeted for various watch lists by the 5 industry trade groups. The smallest 5 economies, not once. ● In North Africa, the two largest economies were targeted. The three smaller economies were not. ● In sub­Saharan Africa, only Nigeria was targeted. Nigeria has the largest economy in Sub­Saharan Africa. ● In the Asia Pacific region, 7 of the 8 largest (Japan was the exception) and 11 of the 16 largest economies were targeted. No county with a 2013 GNI less than $162 billion was targeted. ● In Central America, the country with the highest per capita income was the only one targeted (Panama).

Most are aware that the Special 301 is not as much about IP,  as about politics and economics. With KEI tabling these statistics, it further reinforces the blatant partisan nature of the entire Special 301 process.

Source: Public Hearing : 2016 Special 301 Report

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