International IP Index 2016 : Some Thoughts and Transcript

To substantiate my rebuttals on how IP was not correlated to innovation, another great piece by an economist on how the patent system was holding back science ( Hence, once again proving that heightened IP protection stifled innovation.

Striking though not surprising is the active role of the economists in the IP v. Innovation debate ( considering that significant scholarship on the relationship between the two has been produced by economists) and the passivity of IP lawyers. That’s also because we IP lawyers like to believe that IP protection( just like real property) is of utmost importance!

Seemantani Sharma


In my previous posts (see here and here), I’ve briefly covered India’s performance in the 4th Annual International IP Index (the Index) .  Just today, I watched the release of the Index and have started reading the unabridged version of the Report.

(The Index has three parts to it, the Executive summary – which summarizes the findings of the Report, the Unabridged Report – which is the primary Index document and the Statistical Annexure  – which is the research methodology and in – depth statistical analysis on the relationship between IP, innovation and economic development.)

Global IP Index Image Courtesy : Live Mint

In this post, I’ll give a brief account of the release of the Report.

The event commenced with David Hirschmann of the Global Intellectual Property Rights Center giving an introduction to the Index followed by Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chambers of Commerce making a…

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