Apple v. FBI : Follow – Up

In my previous post, I had briefly covered the on – going dispute between Apple and FBI on the latter’s ability to  compel Apple to unlock an iPhone. Just today, I reviewed all the Motions filed before the Court till date.

For Apple v. FBI

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I’ve summarized the time line of the case along with the pertinent arguments raised by both the parties. I’ve focused particularly on the First Amendment aspect of the case, with a view to determine it’s relevance to broadcasters. ( Considering that my next professional role is at the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union as it’s Legal Officer. Barring Kuala Lumpur’s muggy weather, given it’s strategic location, I’m looking forward to lead a truly Asian way of living!).

Also, it is rumoured that an Israeli based firm named Cellebrite was aiding the FBI to unlock the phone.

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International IP lawyer with interdisciplinary research interests in international copyright law, the global politics of intellectual property, copyright law, international law and international relations.
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