My SCCR Statement

Many of you have written to me regarding the text of my intervention at the 35th SCCR. Here it is –

“Chair, I’m speaking on behalf of the Asia- Pacific Broadcasting Union which represents more than 270 broadcasters in 69 countries of the Asia – Pacific region.

Chair, broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific region are at par with their Western counterparts. Broadcasters in under-developed, developing and developed countries of the Asia-Pacific region employ the same technology though their scale may vary and by that virtue, they meet the same fate at the hands of pirates.

Chair, like time and tide waits for no one, so does technology. More and more broadcasters in the Asia- Pacific region are resorting to catch-up service. It is for this reason that the Broadcasters Treaty must be futuristic where broadcasters deferred transmissions and online signals must be protected.

Chair, the ABU humbly believes that we now have a mature text which in the spirit of multilateralism should be widely and urgently endorsed by the WIPO member states.

Thank you Chair.”


More to come on the SCCR soon.

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